Trading Agent Competition

During my junior years at the university we started an effort to take part in the SCM TAC competitions. These competitions are about a simulated market in which agents pose as a manufacturer. These agents compete with each other in buying, assembling and selling goods and each team had to come up with an agent which makes the best decision in face of the competition. A good general description of the competition can be seen below:

Visual description of the TAC SCM competition

We had a team of two, me and Mr. Lotfizad, led by Dr. Jamali working for 6 month involving one very hard working month. We participated in the 2006 competitions and got to the quarter finals. We got through the qualifications and performed acceptable in the seeding round before we had to forfeit because someone decided that leaving the computer on all night would waste energy. We were at the quarter finals when that happened.

The final program that was to take part in the quarter finals can be found here.


Amir H. Bakhtiary




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