Peer To Peer MMORPG

On a collaborative effort with a group of friends, we worked on a P2P Massively Multi-player RPG concept.

We did two major works on this. Firstly there is a problem of connections that needs to be handled. The task is to connect agents that are near each other so that only they exchange messages.

The second task was solving the question of shared object manipulation without a main server or any sort of precedence over the nodes. Two agents decide to pick up the apple, and there is no central server, who gets it?

To solve the first problem, we came up with an algorithm that when executed on each of the players they would end up connected to some of their nearest neighbours. This algorithm was tested using a Java simulation and was then implemented on a Java applet. This currently runs very slowly due to inefficient drawing code.

The core of the algorithm lies in the fact that we proved (or at least I think that we did) that if every peer divided the space around themselves into 5 sections and kept their connection with the nearest peer that they find in each section, eventually they would find the real nearest peer in each segment. Moreover each agent would have to provide information about their nearest neighbours to the people that they know. For more explanation see the image below.

The STAR is our agent, and he knows agent A, hence the red line, what is Ideal is that he finds out about C. What happens is that A tells STAR about B and then B tells STAR about C. The same thing happens in the other segments. It can be proven that in all situations we can find out about agent C

To solve the second task we came up with a novel Idea taken from the game Galcon. A simulation was put up and the effects of different parameters were tested. The tests showed that the apple can indeed be eaten by only one person. If you find this interesting do not hesitate to contact me.


Amir H. Bakhtiary




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