Personal Interests

In no particular order at all.

  • Football, Although I don't like watching football -except for the world cup that is- I quite enjoy playing.
  • Basketball, a group of my friends are into this, and although it'll never be football but its fun enough.
  • Foreign languages, have been working on French till now and I am trying to start Spanish in parallel.
  • "I try to play the ney", as my room mate likes to put it.
  • Blender 3D creation suite, I waste time like I am playing a game, but at least it comes in handy sometimes.
  • Computer games, I remember we played unreal tournament on the uni PCs all through the night, those were the days.
  • Making a game, maybe this is every programmers dream ... and most certainly it's the reason I learnt Blender. More on this Game Programming


Amir H. Bakhtiary




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